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 Cortex attempted to generate applications for PC's - CorVision 10 - but it was never released.  They weren't even trying to move CorVision itself.  Migrating CorVision applications is a not easy task.

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 About Us:

"This is not Mission Difficult..."    MI2 Dialog

Consider these accomplishments:

CorVision is not just a language - it's a complete environment for developing and running large-scale, robust, multi-user business applications. 

Converting CorVision meant four transformations: converting Builder procedural language, changing operating systems, converting a 1-tier into a 3-tier environment, and enabling the result to work with modern databases.

Converting CorVision meant building replacements for: CorVision's run time system, CorVision's menuing,  CorVision/VMS batch handling for reports and procedures,  CorVision's report system, and CorVision's QUERY.

Converting CorVision meant replacing the CorVision tool:  CorVision generated 85-95% of the code - the underwater iceberg that the developer didn't have to maintain. 

It took eight people two years to build the CV2VB process.
We're proud of the results.

CV2VB Transformations: 


Builder VB.NET ASP

Hardware & OS:

VAX, Alpha - VMS

Win2000,XP client

Microsoft Internet Information Server,

IE6 Browser

Application Tiers:

1 3


RMS, Rdb

SQL Server, Oracle, Rdb, or
RMS via middleware.


CV2VB Replacement Facilities:

Run Time

CorVision applications depended on the CorVision runtime system - that's the part that actually DOES the work.  M.T. wrote it from scratch so your converted applications will behave as CorVision does.


CorVision menus provided organization, guidance, and selective security.  The CV2VB menus do the same things using the same tables - plus we've added user-configurable shortcuts & screen/grid printing.


CorVision used the VMS batch system to run custom procedures and reports.  The CV2VB batch handling system enables these reports and procedures to run on the application or database server, using XML to pass selections and parameters.


CorVision's report writer wasn't loved by all, but it simplified developing standard reports.  We've built a conversion bridge to commercially available report writers so that selections can be passed at runtime and reports can be run from menus in batch.


CorVision's QUERY enabled end-users to serve  themselves using IT-developed views of the data.  The CV2VB Query does the same thing - we migrate all existing CorVision queries, and allow new ones to be created.


CorVision's Documenter created context-sensitive HELP from the metadata and your annotations.  It cost extra.   If you have CorVision hierarchical help, we convert it and provide CV2VB Help tools at no extra cost.

CV2VB the CorVision replacement MDA tool

To preserve developer productivity, we combined commercially available software tools with our own extensions to create CV2VB - the optional replacement Model Driven Architecture tool for CorVision developers. 

The CV2VB conversion process ports your valuable CorVision metadata repository specifications to a new CV2VB Application Model, preserving the value of your intellectual property.

In the CV2VB Application Model, CorVision custom code is organized as named event-triggered rules, equivalent to CorVision customization points. Like CorVision, the CV2VB tools generate 85-95% of the application, weaving in customizations in the same way.

CV2VB Help tools include a menu and security editor, marking of transaction bounds, and a help generation system. CV2VB Help builds context sensitive web-based HELP  from the CV2VB model and your HTML annotations. 

We use the CV2VB tools to generate your converted application.

Unlike CorVision, you are not required to use the CV2VB tools - CV2VB generates standard VB.NET code that you can maintain any way you wish. 














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