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Why is CorVision Upgrade hard?
The Alternatives
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Why Convert?
Risks Continuing with CorVision

Vendor Support
and Skills

CorVision is no longer sold, developed, nor even mentioned on the vendor's website.  Support is handled by contractors via email.

If something serious happens,
will you get the response you need?

Support Fees

The supplier has raised 'license renewal' fees significantly while providing diminished services.

How much more will be demanded next year?

Proprietary Environments

CorVision generates applications in the proprietary 'Builder' language, creating orphan applications for the VAX computer that is no longer manufactured. 

Wouldn't your applications' value be greater if they were in Visual Basic v2005?

Finding Developers

Staff turnover erodes your IT group's ability to support CorVision.  Developers are interested in newer technologies.   Dependence on consultants is expensive and they are hard to find and qualify.  Finding a new employee with CorVision skills who will relocate can take months or years.

When the next CorVision developer
 leaves, what will you do?
Are you vulnerable?

Double Vesting

To run a CorVision VAX application on Alpha, you must first 'VEST' it - a mechanical transformation of VAX binary codes to Alpha binary codes.
HP promises a vesting process for Alpha to Itanium.   You may have to compile then double VEST your CorVision applications.

Are you comfortable with double vesting?

Infrastructure Excess


Each unique DBMS, hardware platform, and development tool your IT organization supports means overhead and complexity.  Eliminating CorVision can simplify your IT infrastructure.

Can you save money by simplifying?


Archaic  User

Users expect a Windows interface.  New users are puzzled by CorVision's non-standard keystrokes.  They expect simple access to their data, a HELP function, screen printing, cutting/pasting, standard navigation, clickable shortcuts, and screen resizing.

Wouldn't your users appreciate a Windows UI on their robust, reliable application?

Lock-in to
 RMS, Rdb

Oracle and Microsoft SQL server are the two major database suppliers.  Your CorVision applications can't talk to them. 

Would you like to be able to move your database?



CorVision helped create large, robust applications that run in high-volume environments.


There is no denying it is an
excellent tool.


But today, those applications are at risk.









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CorVision is a trademark of
Attunity Inc.

Copyright 2003-2006,
Order Processing Technologies

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